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When you know it’s over

Pretending not to like someone is hard…. Being friends with that person is harder….. But knowing that person likes one of your best friends is the hardest.

Knowing that the person you like will not reciprocate to your feelings, should you now stop? Seriously, when do you stop loving him?

Telling your friends that you are so over that guy is easy, but in reality “forgetting” that person is really hard. It really takes time, and effort.

Bottomline, the moment that person sends the signal that “FRIEBDSHIP IS THE ONLY THING THAT I CAN OFFER”, GIRL, STOP WASTING YOUR TIME/ FEELINGS/ EMOTIONS whatsoever on that person! Because as you prolong your fantasies that you’ll end up together in the end, you’ll just hurt yourself even more. Don’t waste your time, effort, emotions, feelings, etc to a person that will just bring you HURT and SORROW in the end. MOVE ON, and patiently wait for guy that will not take you for granted.

Things aforementioned are just my opinion……

White Lie

For this past few days white lying helped me so much. Hahahaha.. I know it’s wrong and absurd. But it really did help me not to loose a friend:))

But really, Why do we have to say mendacious things ??? I guess maybe, it’s that someone we don’t want to lose because of the truth:)) doesn’t make sense huh??

Just have to release the tension that I’m feeling right now :((

BTW this is the first time I wrote something like this:))


Don’t waste your time looking back at your past.

Don’t get too much preoccupied planning for your future.

Just live your life today well, and it will lead you to the pace you want.


A heartwarming story of LOVE and SACRIFICES of a father for his son.

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